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Sponsor Packages

-       Attendee profiles

o      100 – 250 attendees annually for the past 9 years

o      Professionals who are shopping for the NGS

o      80% USA + 20 % international

o      60% academics + 20% industry + 20% government

-       Publicity

o      The sponsorship is allowed to be used in your company’s press release

o      Your company’s Logo on the CAMDA website

-       Network opportunity with attendees

o      Booth table for Trade show                                                             $3,000

o      Lunch talk                                                                                      $2,000

o      Promotion materials in the attendee’s package                                $1,000

-       Premier Sponsorship (all above and logo on CAMDA website)                    $5,000

-       Guaranteed booth attendance

o      Booth stamps will be used for iPod withdraw to encourage visit

-       Great location, easy traveling

o       Chicago downtown

-       Easy move-in and move-out hours

o      Setup: starting at 8 AM on Monday

o      Tradeshow: starting at 3 PM on Monday till 2 PM of the next day

o      Move-out: till 5 PM of the next day


Exhibitors are invited and selected on a first-come first-serve basis, so reverse your spot right now!

Please Contact:

 Simon Lin, s-lin2 (at)  ; Pan Du, dupan (at);


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